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Oboe/Bassoon Assignment and Record Book

Oboe/Bassoon Assignment and Record Book

The text includes…

  • Space for lesson assignments
  • Sections for instructor comments
  • Charts for fingerings
  • Boxes for student questions
  • Staves for musical explanations

The appendix includes
space to record…

  • Categorized expenditures
  • Reed suppliers and supplies
  • Fingerings
  • Repertoire
  • Performances

Major/minor scales are also included for reference.

Assignments and Record Keeping for Private Lessons by Rachel S. Brudnoy

Would you like to have a book which keeps track of lesson assignments every week, keeps records of how much you spent on reeds, repairs, and lessons, reminds you where and from whom you bought reeds or cane that worked—or didn’t work—and also exactly when and what that last repair was? Rachel Brudnoy’s Oboe/Bassoon Assignment and Record Book does all this and more. The teacher can write fingerings conveniently adjacent to the weekly assignment page and also in a special reference section provided for fingerings. Students also have pages to record dates and repertoire of their performances, repertoire studied, and reed-making or purchasing notes. Parents will appreciate the convenient expense sections, where the costs of lessons, equipment and sheet music can be recorded—a great help at tax time for parents who can deduct educational expenses.

The book is easy to use, whether the student is an advanced college student or a beginner. Each weekly assignment section contains a box for questions that come up during practice to help the student remember to ask at lesson time. It contains the major and minor scales for reference, charts and drawing space for the teacher to show reed making standards and make individual suggestions, and a way to keep track of what cane, shape and gouge is giving the best results.

The teacher has a section to write assignments, comments and instructions to the student and to note goals for the week. This section includes staves to notate difficult passages, rhythmic patterns and ornaments as well as additional commentary and fingerings. Fingerings can also be recorded in the special fingering reference section so that the student has all the new fingerings in one place.

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