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Oboe/Bassoon Assignment and Record Book

Oboe/Bassoon Assignment and Record Book

Assignments and Record Keeping for Private Lessons by Rachel S. Brudnoy

Would you like to have a book which keeps track of lesson assignments every week, keeps records of how much you spent on reeds, repairs, and lessons, reminds you where and from whom you bought reeds or cane that worked—or didn’t work—and also exactly when and what that last repair was? Rachel Brudnoy’s Oboe/Bassoon Assignment and Record Book does all this and more.

The Star-Spangled Banner

The Star-Spangled Banner performance at Minnesota Twins game

This arrangement of our national anthem for up to four trumpets (duo, trio, or quartet) is brand new from Full Harmonic. Manny Laureano and Lynn Erickson debuted the arrangement at a 2010 Minnesota Twins game.

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